The Kiss – Solo Show

The Kiss –  April, 2017, Athens, Greece

The “Kiss” is a gesture to tender reconciliation. It is about love, passion, marriage, the indulgence of life and love through kind sponsorship.

When this story embarks from the Great America, then the events are always exciting. The one hundred American Liberty Ships which restarted the Greek Thalassocracy, become the first major station of the new narrative of a well-known story.

One such beginning can assist the creation of a surface, where the details of the life of the Golden Era of Greek Shipping unfold and are outlined by a number of works. Through this one can get to know part of the soul of a Greek shipowner, to finally rediscover the identity of his country and city.

Surrounded by gestures-counterexamples, the viewer will try to feel the history of the Golden Era of Greek Naval Tycoons, through the phenomenon of the two “lighthouses” of greek entrepreneurship that left a “dowry” in Greece in the form of two vast institutions with enduring activity. For this gallant initiative, they are celebrated through works of basic Greek characteristics.
To describe the hug and hospitality, the gift, common ownership, self-confidence or even the widespread acceptance of the woman-mother, Arbit City Group creates a new flag, a large neon mural, a seascape, a silver hand and suggests a symbolical vexillological gesture within an equestrian soundscape: ‘Tzitzifies – Mares Go!’ by Stamatis Tsimpidis.

Like the Trojan priest Laocoon, Arbit City Group attempts to study modern Trojan horses – neglecting Athena’s wrath of snakes to strangle their children.

If one title could describe this vastness, then it would be “The Kiss”. If not, then it would be an elongated haiku:

The Approach / The Crooked Seaside / “Marking the two reefs requires extreme caution” / No Man Overboard / Painted Metal with a Flesh / Oil Gargles / Cigars of the Pharaoh / In search of Happiness / Trophy Wife / If you loved Me / Come and Eat with Me / The Two Lighthouses / An Approach


NEON kissThe Kiss, 2017, neon lights, 193 x 129 cm, ed. 3

trophy wifeThe Kiss, 2017, neon lights, 193 x 129 cm, ed. 3

frutos argentinosTo Have and Have Not (Frutos Argentinos SRL), 2017, ink and inkjet print on paper mounted on dibond, 151 x 94 cm

cigar handTo Have and Have Not (Frutos Argentinos SRL) ΙΙ (Hand), 2017, aluminum, 17 x 12 x 10 cm, detail

Liberty embroideryTo Have and Have Not (Frutos Argentinos SRL) ΙΙ (embroidery on velour cushion), 2017, 28 x 17 detail

two lighthousesThe Two Lighthouses, 2017, oil on canvas, 110 x 62 cm

general view 1general view 2The Kiss, exhibition view








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